4 Apps that Wine Lovers Need to Download Immediately

How many times have you found yourself in the supermarket staring desperately at wine bottle after wine bottle as if you’re looking for some sort of sign?

How many times have you found yourself in a restaurant pawing through a bible sized wine list with the waiter standing keenly over your shoulder?

We’ve all been there.

And it’s because wine’s rich history, complex tasting notes and difficult to pronounce names can at times all come together to make it a rather intimidating past time.

However the wine industry is changing and we’re seeing a lot of the stuffiness that’s typically associated with wine starting to fade away in place of fun and accessibility.

One of the reasons for this shift in the tides is technology and these 4 apps are right at the forefront of it.



There are a number of wine label scanning apps available on the marketplace at the moment but Vivino trumps them all with its fantastic, and very reliable, algorithm model.

Vivino combats the age old problem of guesswork when selecting a wine to drink. After all, any wine that you haven’t tried before is somewhat of a leap of faith. However using the Vivino app you can scan the label of any said bottle and see reviews and comments from other fellow wine drinkers.

The best part about this is that you’re not getting tasting notes from professional sommeliers, you’re getting honest feedback from a diverse range of wine drinkers.

The app doesn’t stop at just reviewing wines either, it also suggests similar wines, provides price comparisons and gives direct purchase links too. What more could you want?

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Plonk is basically like Instagram for wine lovers. Need we say anymore?

Its main function is allowing you to save your ‘wine moments’. And this isn’t just about snapping pictures of you and your friends to show off to people, it’s about remembering all of those favourite bottles of wine that you’ve drunk in the past.

You can also then browse through other user's ‘wine moments’ to find people who are into similar wines to you and therefore try out new wines based on their moments. So if you see someone looking in an unparalleled state of euphoria it may be worth giving the bottle a try.

The other smart feature is a taste test in which you answer 3 simple questions to discover which grapes you may like. This is great if you’re new to drinking wine and don’t really know where to start.

It’s reliable too, it told me that I like light and refreshing wines with crisp fruit flavours which is pretty much spot on.

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Oh Tipple. This is by far our favourite wine app out there and if you’ve never heard of it you need to download it straight away.

Tipple is all about making wine tasting more accessible and it does so through an ingenious system where it helps you understand the colour, smell, acidity, tannin, body, alcohol content and finish of the wine you’re drinking through nifty tips and tricks. It then allows you to store your tasting notes within the app and build up your own catalogue of personalised tasting notes.

The great thing about this app is that everyone has a different palette, so by learning how taste wine yourself you’re not relying on anyone else's tasting notes and you can become at one with your tastebuds.

It also means you’ll never forget your favourite wines!

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Wine Events

So you can probably tell what this app does without us explaining it to you but it’s the super slick user experience that makes this app so good.

So when you log into the app you’re met with the choice of upcoming events, weekend juice, wine & food vacations, competitions and the submit an event. When you click through to an upcoming event it gives you the details, price, map location and a form for you to register your interest.

It’s your one stop app for keeping your finger on the pulse of wine events both in your local area and around the world. Time to clear your diary!

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